General instructions: Particle modeler.
Keys       Action

1-0          Number of layers to construct objects(i.e No. of particles)
M             Morph. morph's between shapes
Q             Reset all modes

Material Modes
T             set particles to large and transparent
S             set particles to large and solid
D             set particles to small and solid

Perspective Modes
Z             Turn on Z-buffering (good with solid particles)
N             Turn off Z-buffering - orthographic?

Mouse Functions
MouseButton                        Zoom in
Mousebutton + shift Key            Zoom out

Mouse left                 -             rotate z Axis
Mouse right                 -             rotate z Axis

Mouse top                 -             rotate x Axis
Mouse bottom            -             rotate x Axis

+             -             rotate about Y axis (panning)
-             -             rotate about Y axis (panning)